Meet The Team


Automation Sensation and Electronics, but you can call us AS for short. Our tech company understands that the future is smart, and so we have mastered automation systems & integration. We believe life should be lived, therefore more time should be spent on things that matter, and that’s where we come in. While keeping it simple, efficient and always classy, we wish to help you maximize your time & energy by enhancing your lifestyle at home and work, near or far… just about anywhere or anything you can think of, we can automate.

We aim to transform and enhance your space by providing you with all the latest in cutting edge smart technology and personalized & customized automation solutions.

As such, there are some critical dimensions to our jobs that may not exist in other realms of employment.  Our goal and our reputation depend on our customers enjoying the quality of their installation and the professionalism and efficiency we demonstrate. We strive to satisfy every customer and exceed their expectations by providing first-class service, education and product satisfaction. Each employee will join us in our mission.