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We make it possible for virtually any device or appliance in your home to communicate with each other, Intelligently. Lights, Thermostat, Drapes, Door Locks, even Outlets, all programmable, and controllable, no matter where you are.



Systems for lights, climate and security have become more intelligent enabling you to operate them form any device. Imagine the ability to view your cameras, unlock the front door, set the temperature. We have created state-of-the-art home automation packages to place you on the cutting edge of systems control. We offer a variety of touch-screen control systems. They allow unprecedented control over each subsystem. The design of the system allows you to manage every one of your systems from energy management to convenience controls.  Everything you need with a touch of a screen.



Control any light in the house wherever you are? Schedule outdoor lights to turn on and welcome you home after work. Save energy by setting your system to turn off lights in empty rooms.


An energy management system allows you to monitor and control your energy consumption of the air conditioner, the lights, electronics, and some large appliances giving you a detailed history as well as an accurate real time analysis so you know exactly what to expect the next time you get the bill in the mail. Even more than just managing what you are using you can also monitor the energy that is being created by your solar power, solar thermal or hydrogen fuel cell. Managing your energy is no longer just trying to use less, but its also working to become energy independent one day.


Access your home security system anytime, anywhere! No more running back home to make sure a door is locked, instead connect remotely from your Apple® or Android device to arm/disarm, check status, change codes, view surveillance, and more. We can route your security system through a central monitoring system alerting you via email or text message of events that you set. Get notified if the temperature in your wine cellar exceeds a certain level, or there’s a water leak. If integrated with your smart home control system, you can adjust the temperature or shut-off the water remotely.

Automated Door Locks:

An automated door lock is convenient so you don’t have to juggle keys and it’s smart enough to report to your security system when someone enters or exits the house, as well as which passcode was used. You can receive a text or email when this happens which is a great way to know the kids arrived home safely from school or guests have arrived. Protect sensitive areas of your home like gun rooms, wine cellars and home theaters by installing automated door locks on interiors doors. Different sizes are available and some include the actual handset or doorknob. We’ll help you choose the one that’s right for your door and needs.


With the technological advances in today’s modern world, you can control just about anything with the touch of a button. With motorized window treatments, the days of struggling with unsightly cords and manually adjusting individual shades or blinds are a thing of the past; You now have the ability manipulate the lighting, glare, temperature, and atmosphere of your home or commercial space with ease. Motorized window treatments also present amazing benefits such as child and animal safety (due to their lack of cords), enhanced privacy, easy maintenance, energy efficiency, and third-party automation capabilities. Automation Sensation and Electronics offers a large variety of motorized options for your unique needs, using only the highest quality products from brands you can trust including Lutron, Somfy and Hunter Douglas. Bring convenience, control and sophistication into your space with motorized window treatments.


Comfort, convenience, and a greener way to live, right at your fingertips. Automation Sensation will give you an Intelligent Home, whatever your needs or budget.


We make it possible for virtually any device or appliance in your home to communicate with each other, Intelligently. Lights, Thermostat, Drapes, Door Locks, even Outlets, all programmable, and controllable, no matter where you are.


Once we have your system in place, we will customize it to your lifestyle, working with you to focus on your priorities.


We’ll start with the basics, for example, your outside lights coming on at sunset, and turning off at sunrise. Then you let us know what other lighting scenarios you want, such as a “goodnight” button that turns off all lights; Or an alarm scenario that turns on all the lights in the house if your alarm gets tripped.


Tell us how your life could be easier, and we’ll teach your system how to help you out. Would you like to receive an email when your housekeeper arrives and enters her code in your SmartLock? Or when your kids get home from school? No more worrying about lights left on, or the garage door left open. Not only will your system alert you, you’ll be able to shut off a light or close your garage door from wherever you are.


Home theaters are becoming one of the most in-demand features that homebuyers look for when browsing the market. Once thought of as a luxury, lower prices and evolving technologies have made the home cinema more of a necessity for many households. Flat screen TV, 3D projectors, and surround sound systems are also becoming more and more commonplace and no room shows off these components better than a dedicated home theater. Real estate experts also add that home theaters add value to a home and can make a house stand out to potential buyers. According to the Home Builders Association, most new luxury homes come with a home theater or media room. We have designed a variety of different theater packages for almost every budget so even the entertainment enthusiasts can experience the thrill of a cutting-edge theater system.



Over the last several years, the demand has grown rapidly for multi-room audio in homes and businesses. Listen to different music in different rooms at different volumes all from one, easy to use system. We are well equipped to offer multi-room audio packages designed to deliver crystal-clear sound throughout your entire home or office at an exceptional value. Our systems allow listeners to spend more time relaxing, and less time hassling with complicated stereo systems. Controlling what plays over which speakers can be controlled from one user-friendly interface.


With high-definition surveillance cameras in and around your home, you can monitor activities real-time whether you’re in the house or halfway around the globe. Receive live video streams of entrances to see who’s at the door, interior areas, the perimeter, or even check on the kids playing in the pool all from the same touch screen that controls your home entertainment system or from your smart mobile device. Camera types include pan-tilt-zoom, covert, long-range, nanny cams, and more. Activity is documented on a digital recorder so you can play back at your convenience.


Our entry systems can be standalone or integrated into your phone system so that when someone rings the doorbell, your phone rings. You can pick up to speak to the visitor, or press a button to open the gate. Add video capability, and you can see who’s there. Or program your doorbell to pause the music system or provide notification on your TV so you never miss a ring. Access can be controlled with magnetic door locks, biometric fingerprint access, and perimeter barriers such as gate control. Together, we can customize a solution to your specific needs.


What happens if an intruder gets past your window and door sensors? A motion detector provides a second line of defense to keep what matters to you most safe and secure. It’s similar to a sensor, except it detects motion and body heat. When motion is detected not only can alerts be made, but lights can be turned on and window shades can be closed if integrated to a smart home control system. We’re happy to discuss motion detection options for pet owners too. A secure home means peace of mind for your whole family. And what’s more important than that?

Video Wall

Dream up your perfect video wall, computer monitors, video projectors and/or television sets tiled together. Imagine one command that will power up all screens on and off, customize your layout to fit your personality and functionality. The largest video wall as of 2013 is backstretch of the Charlotte Motor Speedway Motor Speedway track.


Signage is undoubtedly important for any business, but with digital signage, you can take it to the next level, with the ability to change messages and advertisement displays at the press of a button. Automation Sensations and Electronics provide digital signage solutions, so you can move your business into the future.

Use your digital signage player to display menus, an animated “welcome” message, sharp graphics, or helpful and informative messages. The potential functions for your digital signage displays are limited only by your imagination…….